The Results of Graduate Dormitory Application for Spring Semester 2020

Dear Students, the announcement of the results of Graduate dormitory application for Spring Semester 2020 is as follows:

1. Result Please log in to the system ( ) to see the dormitory draw results. Please confirm it within SEVEN days from the date of notification, after SEVEN days the system will cancel the room automatically.
2. Students who aren't drawn to any dorm will get a waiting list number randomly. If there is an empty bed available, then student will receive the check-in e-mail notice sequentially. Students can log in the system ( to get information of the waiting conditions. (From experience, before the semester starts, male students can fill in about 100 students and female students about 50 in previous years. However, the waiting conditions are different in every year. )

3. Waiting list number will be continued to June 15th 2020.  After the date, the number is invalid.

4. Method of PaymentPlease download and print out the payment sheet on the system(, and fulfill the payment at the convenience store such as 7-11 or FamilyMart… etc within SEVEN days. Students can also pay by credit card online. )

5. Check-inFrom Feb 10th 9 am to 5 pm, please bring your payment receipt to the office of the Resident Director of your allotted dormitory for checking-in. (contact of the respective Resident Directors: ).  Waiting list applicants who have been notified after the school starts, please report to the Resident Director's office to check-in within SEVEN days from notification.

Check-in Document :
(1) Household Certificate within 3 months which includes father, mother and student. (Foreigners please show the passport.)
(2) Receipt of fee payment (for credit card payment, please show the payment confirmation screen or confirmation text message)
(3) Student ID Card
(4) Student's personal information (please print out from the system( by yourselves)

6.Payment information:
(1) Time of payment: Please print out your payment sheet from the system ( and pay accordingly within SEVEN days.
(2) Fees are inclusive of: Rental fee, deposit, and dormitory wired internet fee.
(3) According to Article 15 of the NTU Student Dormitory Management Regulations, students who have been qualified to move into the dorms must pay the accommodation fee within seven days of the notification from Housing Service Division. The payment would be based on per-week unit. This means any stay less than a week (7 days) would still be charged as one week. Student's qualification for dormitory accommodation would be considered nullified if the payment is not received by the deadline.

7. If applicants have difficulty moving in within the stipulated time due to special reason, please inform the respective Resident Directors in advance to ensure that your accommodation does not get cancelled. Please also inform your Resident Director if you need to leave your luggage in advance, or have any questions regarding the dorms.

8. Successfully drawn students who want to change the Dorm, would have to finish the check-in procedure first, and then have to find another student who is willing to exchange the dorm. Both students would have to follow the procedure to apply for the Dormitory Exchange after the processing time is announced. (Three weeks after the semester begins).

9. Student who wish to apply BOT dorms, please head directly to the website of Prince House and register as a member to apply 2019-2020 BOT Mid-Semester Waiting List.

Please contact us if you have further inquiries.  

Best Regards,
Tzu-Ying Huang (Ms.)
NTU Student Housing Service Division


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